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Entry & Work Procedures   Rules: Construction or Remodeling



Unit owners may not engage in “extensive remodeling work” or “heavy construction” activity, except with prior written approval of the Board of Directors, and then, only during the period of May 1, through November 15, inclusive. “Extensive remodeling” or “heavy construction” shall be as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time, and shall include but not be limited to activities involving the following:

• Activities involving the use of power equipment such as jackhammers, drills, saws, compressors, nail guns, and the like, which create substantial noise, as determined by the Board.

• Activities resulting in the creation of substantial noise that can be heard outside of the unit, such as excessive hammering, regardless of whether power equipment is used or not, as determined by the Board.

• Activities rendering the unit uninhabitable during the performance of the work.

• Activities requiring the storage of materials or equipment on the premises outside of the unit, or the presence of vehicles or equipment on the Condominium Property.

• Activities involving the presence of work crews or significant numbers of workers, as determined by the Board.

• Activities requiring the use of scaffolding, booms, or other forms of exterior access.

Unless otherwise approved in writing the Board of Directors, work shall only be performed between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.

Any “extensive remodeling” or “heavy construction” work must be commenced on or after May 1, and must be completed, as evidenced by a Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Completion, or similar approval from a governmental entity, by November 15 of the same year. If such a Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Completion, or similar document evidencing final governmental approval, has not been produced by November 15, work shall cease on the project until the following May 1.

The Board may waive the prohibition against “heavy construction” or “extensive remodeling work” being done in the period between November 15 and May 1, in the case of an emergency (or in deminimus cases or hardship situations), as determined by the Board, and may permit the temporary staging of scaffolding for maintenance and repair of hurricane shutters. In general, hardship situations will be limited to emergency conditions, such as those created by catastrophic events or casualties. The Board, or Manager, shall have the authority to issue a “Stop Work Order” in the event of violation of this provision. Said “Stop Work Order” will be effective upon posting a notice on the unit’s door. Any work performed during a “Stop Work Order” shall subject the unit owner to all remedies contained in the Condominium Documents, including a fine of $100.00 per day for each day of violation.

Revised May 19, 2014